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The Anderson Island Irregulars, is Connecticut Not for Profit
Corporation, with the purpose to assist and support the cause
of sail education, and in particular the sail education
programs of the Mystic Seaport Museum, Inc.

For 15 years, the Anderson Island Irregulars (A. I. I.) have provided
equipment and instruction to Mystic Seaport sailing programs. Through
annual dues, A I. I. has obtained a Weather Wizard weather system,
infant PFDs for the Boathouse, sails for the JY-14s, sail covers for
the Beetle Cats and a fully outfitted Dyer Dhow. In addition, A. I. I.
members have participated in Dyer Dhow's winter maintenance.

In 2004, with A. I. I. members expressing a desire to sail larger
vessels in wider areas, the Anderson Island - Mystic Seaport Sailing (AIMS)
Program was born. Since 2005, instructors have been
teaching keelboat-handling in Fishers Island Sound to members using
two donated vessels: a Seidelman 25 and a Grampian 26.
For information on this opportunity
to learn to Sail a on 25 foot keel
sail boats on Fisher's Island Sound
click here